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A Peek Inside AppSmart V4

September 16, 2019 at 9:03 AM

Principa by the numbers

At Principa we are passionate about innovation and product development. So much so that nearly 20% of Principa’s revenue gets poured right back into product development.  We spend a considerable amount of time keeping our SmartSuite up to date.  Over the last two years, we have been re-platforming our Loans Origination System (LOS) AppSmart.  Some of the key features of AppSmart are listed below. 

•          Principa’s workflow system, FlowSmart

•          Configurable data capturing

•          Configurable organisations/products/sub-products

•          Communication portal (Email/SMS)

•          Documentation management

•          Decisioning (through DecisionSmart)

•          Configurable reports

•          Campaign management

•          API layer (through BridgeSmart)

•          Full browser-based UI

•          Omni-channel

•          Agent management

•          Queue management

•          Branch management

Let’s take a look inside AppSmart. AppSmart is a web-based platform for both agents and administrators. It is rich with functionality and configurability, allowing the business user to rapidly deploy changes to their credit process and strategies.  



FlowSmart is Principa’s configurable workflow component.  The workflow can be designed to facilitate the operational credit assessment process.  At each step of the workflow, activities are assigned these include:

  1. Data service calls
  2. Decisioning calls
  3. Communication (Email/SMS)
  4. Place account in a queue
  5. Change data field

These can be triggered based on conditions and accounts can be managed through the flow automatically (based on conditions) or manually.


Product Management

AppSmart is enabled to allow for flexible configuration through our originations’ clade”. Different organisations can be set up creating “Chinese walls” within AppSmart. Branches can be assigned to the organisation.  Products and logos (sub-products) can then be assigned to organisations and branches.

Products and sub-products can be cloned and then edited, allowing the user to adapt new products and rapidly take them to market.

Product management

Communication (Email/SMS)

CommunicationAppSmart’s communication portal allows for Email and SMS.  Communication via other channels (e.g. chat-bot) is also possible.

Customised Emails/templates can be composed in AppSmart. These can be sent to the applicant on request or at a certain stage of the workflow. 

The Email composition screen offers WYSIWYG configuration.

SMS works in a similar fashion.  When an SMS/Email is triggered, it is sent through to the SMS provider or SMTP server for distribution to the customer.

Campaign Management

Campaign ManagementAppSmart features a campaign management feature.  Campaigns can be loaded into AppSmart and data mapped to the entity.  Email and SMS can be sent out to those on the campaign list.  If an individual on the list opens an application, the list can pre-populate the application form.  Campaigns can also be used to give special offers to individuals on the list.  Campaign dates can be set for the list to be active.

Queue Management

Queue ManagementAs applications pass through the workflow, they may fall into queues to be worked.  The agents access these accounts through the queue functionality. The agent can see only accounts they are eligible to see. For each account, the agent can view, escalate, work and (de)allocate.   In the work queues, an agent can view every detail of each application including the application fields, documentation and audit trail.  The agent can decline or continue an application, escalate it or restart it.  The system keeps track of how long an application remains in a queue. Reporting is available to track this.

Documentation Management

AppSmart allows the user a variety of documentation functionality including upload, review, retrieve, print, email.  Documents are saved on the system and/or can be sent through to a centralised documentation management system.  Agents can check documents against information captured to ensure accuracy. 

Documentation Management

AppSmart audit-trail

Audit trail2AppSmart also features a comprehensive audit-trail allowing the user to scan through the various steps that the application took. 

Major activities are listed and within each major activity a detailed list of minor activities are listed.

Each event incorporates a time stamp, a user name and a comment.

These are just some of the features in AppSmart.  To learn more or to organise a personalised demo, please contact us here.

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Thomas Maydon
Thomas Maydon
Thomas Maydon is the Head of Credit Solutions at Principa. With over 17 years of experience in the Southern African, West African and Middle Eastern retail credit markets, Tom has primarily been involved in consulting, analytics, credit bureau and predictive modelling services. He has experience in all aspects of the credit life cycle (in multiple industries) including intelligent prospecting, originations, strategy simulation, affordability analysis, behavioural modelling, pricing analysis, collections processes, and provisions (including Basel II) and profitability calculations.

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