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Africa’s Calling: Contact Centre Conference And Expo

November 6, 2019 at 8:00 AM

We recently attended the Contact Centre Management Group (CCMG) Contact Centre Conference and Expo, themed Africa's Calling.

The 2-day CCMG 2019 Conference offered a wonderful opportunity for delegates to share information and debate a set of topics which are relevant to the contact centre industry. Delegates benefit from a 360 view of innovative strategies, as well as implementable solutions and tactics to apply to their organisations practically.

Essentially, you are empowered with information and knowledge to lead the African contact centre revolution, thereby promoting international recognition, exceptional CX, improved customer loyalty, higher staff morale, and ultimately increased revenue.

The CCMG Conference is widely regarded as a premier business-to-business event on the local South African conferencing calendar.

The CCMG 2019 Conference aimed to highlight the integral role that the African Continent plays as a powerhouse in the global contact centre arena.

The speaker line-up represented the best that the local and international contact centre industry has to offer; from visionaries to senior leaders, and influencers covering relevant topics and contact centre trends ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), technological advances, CX and EX, and leadership and data analysis to name a few.

Perry de Jager, Head of Collections at Principa, spoke on The future balance between AI and people in a call centre. As we look towards the future of AI in the call centre, Perry explored the impact on human fallibility on decision making how AI and the 4th industrial revolution impacts our contact centres’ operations, efficiencies and skills. He debunked the myths and fears of AI and explored how to find a balance between agents and AI in your contact centre.

If you missed the conference, but would like to explore our latest contact centre solutions, including our call centre virtual assistant, Agent X, and our AI chatbot for financial services, Atura, contact us to set up a meeting. 

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