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Jean du Plessis

Jean du Plessis

As Program Manager for Product Development at Principa, Jean is responsible for the overall management of product development initiatives and implementations. A certified scrum master, with a B.Com(Hons) in Business Economics and more than 18 years experience in software and product development, Jean's combination of skills and unique insights drive innovation of our products and success for our clients.

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Cloud Versus On-Premise: Which Solution Is Best For Credit Lifecycle Software?

If you're tasked with selecting a credit lifecycle software for your business, one of the most significant decisions facing you is whether to go with cloud-based or on-premise software. It's a question we get asked often, but the answer is often more complicated than an outright recommendation of one or the other. Each solution has pros, but also cons and therefore you’ll need to compare the two in-depth and select the option that suits your business strategy, and more importantly, your IT strategy.

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