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Muneera Salie

Muneera Salie

Muneera was a consultant at Principa, until early 2019. Muneera has more than six years of experience in the consulting environment, of which many of these years were spent at Principa. She has been progressively obtaining experience in the field of predictive analytics particularly in the development, monitoring and alignment of application scorecards within the South African and Middle Eastern markets. Her experience and skills have led her to expand her horizons at a prestigious South African brand.

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Predictive Models For Your Customer Engagement Call Centre

We apply the science of data analytics to assist our clients within various aspects of their customer-driven business and engagement process. Our products make use of predictive modelling techniques to facilitate the treatment of customers at the various stages of customer lifetime, for example during onboarding, growth and retention.

What Is Scorecard Monitoring And Why Is It So Critical?

Scorecards form the back-bone of decision making for many financial institutions. They are used in the account management of key decision areas like collections and authorisations, for example. They can tell us whether to accept or decline a customer for a particular credit based product, or tell us the percentage of a customer’s outstanding balance that will be recovered over a certain period of time. In this blog post, we’ll be covering what scorecard monitoring is, its importance and the consequences of not carrying out the exercise regularly.

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