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Frequently Asked Questions On Agent X, Call Centre Virtual Assistant

April 16, 2019 at 8:05 AM

What is Agent X?

Agent X is a call centre virtual assistant that not only guides and supports agents during calls, but motivates and inspires high performance via an engaging, dynamic and intuitive interface.






What value does Agent X hold?

By arming your agents with essential nuggets of information on their customers, they can engage with them successfully. Agent X makes complex data easy to understand and use by displaying these nuggets visually. It only takes 0.25 seconds to process visual content, approximately 60 000 times faster than text. By representing customer information and insights with pictures and colours, your agents will easily and quickly be able to discern and remember who they are talking to, and the main message to be delivered, allowing them to spend the first 3 seconds of a call effectively engaging with the client, eliminating unnecessary conversation that may irritate the customer and losing the core purpose of the call. 

Agent X also tracks call centre agents’ progress towards targets in real-time via a dynamic and engaging dashboard, improving motivation to reach these targets.

By optimising time spent on the call and motivating your agents, Agent X improves call outcomes (sales or yields), customer satisfaction and agent productivity, and lowers agent turnover.

In what type of call centre is Agent X applicable?

Agent X is configurable to meet the needs of sales, collections and customer service call centres.

Does Agent X come with scorecards/models?

Models will be selected and added to Agent X based on your requirements. Read more on the models suggested for:

Does Agent X have decisioning capabilities?

Yes, Agent X has decisioning capabilities to run bespoke scorecards, as well as the models mentioned above, segmentation, policy rules and decision trees.

Agent XCan I, the client, manage Agent X or will I be dependent on Principa or our IT department?

Agent X has been designed to give business the ability to configure and update Agent X, removing the dependency on IT or Principa to perform these functions. Principa, of course, are always there to offer support when changes are required. The initial deployment and integration is usually set up by Principa.

What are the technical requirements for Agent X?

Agent X is made up of a collection of components based on the Microsoft Stack:

  • Agent X Client UI – Desktop based [requires Windows 7 or later and .Net framework 4.6.1 or up] WPF application
  • Agent X Services – Web Services [requires IIS 8 or later]
  • Agent X Database – SQL Server database [2016 or later]

The Web Services component hosting is on-premises, with data source connection method preferably via a Web Service API. The implementation will vary based on your customisation requirements.

Is Agent X available as an on premise or cloud deployment?


How does Principa support its products?

Principa has a 24/7/365 help-desk to support our clients both locally and internationally on our products. Support is from Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, but most support issues are resolved remotely.

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Perry de Jager
Perry de Jager
Perry has been involved in Collections and Recoveries for the past 12 years, spending time in different market segments ranging from law firms to investment companies. At Principa, Perry has worked on extended projects within both South Africa and the Middle East with some of the largest financial organisation, providing on-site consulting within the collections and recoveries space covering strategy, process, people and technology.

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