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How does the Principa e-learning solution differ from conventional e-learning platforms?

June 3, 2020 at 5:24 PM

After my previous video on my learnings working with self-service solutions, Peter Mackintosh sent us a question.

Peter Mackintosh: “How does your e-learning solution differ from other e-learning programs?”

Now this question relates to our offering called Wisdome, which is an online e-learning portal, with several available courses.

Historically, Principa has produced training through our training academy. This training was classroom training at the premises of our clients.

We noticed several challenges with conventional classroom training:

  • Due to the specialised nature of our training, these training sessions were conducted by senior and principal consultants, which in essence of their seniority, attracted a high hourly rate for the training;
  • During classroom training, which were long sessions, we noticed that average attention span dropped off after 2 hours, therefore requiring several brakes and extension of training seminars to several days;
  • Due to all the information that had to be absolved, only around 70% of the content was absorbed directly after the training session and  up to 50% of what the learners learnt, was lost after 30 days.

In this new video we look at how you need to train your brain and how you can ensure consistent participation in training.


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Perry de Jager
Perry de Jager
Perry has been involved in Collections and Recoveries for the past 22 years, spending time in different market segments ranging from law firms to investment companies. At Principa, Perry has worked on extended projects within both South Africa and the Middle East with some of the largest financial organisation, providing on-site consulting within the collections and recoveries space covering strategy, process, people and technology.

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