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Taylor Swift’s Musings Offer The Keys To Customer Loyalty

July 18, 2014 at 8:51 AM

Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom that can be applied to building lifelong Customer Relationships.

Last week, pop musician Taylor Swift came out with an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal about the music industry and where it is heading. The piece left me drawing parallels between the relationship musicians form with their fans and the relationship brands form with their customers.

In her musings about how social media and the Internet are impacting the music industry, she noted that the one thing that hasn’t changed is the significance of forming a long-lasting bond with your fans:

There are always going to be those artists who break through on an emotional level and end up in people's lives forever. The way I see it, fans view music the way they view their relationships… some artists will be like finding "the one." We will cherish every album they put out until they retire and we will play their music for our children and grandchildren. As an artist, this is the dream bond we hope to establish with our fans. I think the future still holds the possibility for this kind of bond, the one my father has with the Beach Boys and the one my mother has with Carly Simon.

As a brand, this is exactly what you would want to achieve. You want to be “the one” for your customers. You want your customers to “cherish” every product you put out on the market (Think "Apple"). You want that bond and love for your brand to be passed on to their family and friends by turning your customers into advocates of your brand.

How to get your Customers to fall in Love with your Brand

She goes on to explain how artists achieve this lifelong bond with fans by striking an emotional chord and making fans feel like they understand them and can relate to them:

There are always going to be those artists who break through on an emotional level and end up in people's lives forever.

They are buying only the [albums] that hit them like an arrow through the heart or have made them feel strong or allowed them to feel like they really aren't alone in feeling so alone.

She continues with a simple tip on how to form a long-lasting bond: provide them with the element of surprise. Delight them and leave them in awe.

I think forming a bond with fans in the future will come in the form of constantly providing them with the element of surprise. No, I did not say "shock"; I said "surprise." I believe couples can stay in love for decades if they just continue to surprise each other, so why can't this love affair exist between an artist and their fans?

We want to be caught off guard, delighted, left in awe. I hope the next generation's artists will continue to think of inventive ways of keeping their audiences on their toes, as challenging as that might be.

How to Delight your Customers in 3 Easy Steps

Delighting customers is much easier than you may think. All it takes is a show of compassion and, if appropriate, a sense of humour. Simply put, make your brand “human”, or in some cases, humane, and show them that you actually really do care. How?

  1. Give your employees the authority to make the concessions and bend the rules when necessary.

  2. Allow them to use their own personal judgment and creativity to delight your customers and win them over.

  3. Instill a culture of caring for the customer and surpassing their expectations when possible.

Here are 10 great examples of companies that have let their employees do just that. Be forewarned, however, you may shed a tear or two, so grab some tissues.

Say what you will about Taylor Swift as a musician, artist or celebrity, but in this case there’s no denying her thoughts on the future of the music industry are quite thought provoking and revealing. And there are few parallels that can be drawn between artists and their fans and brands and their customers. Do you agree?

You can read Taylor Swift’s op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal right here in its entirety.

using data analytics for customer engagement

Note: This blog post originally appeared in Enterpreneur Magazine on 15 July 2014.

Julian Diaz
Julian Diaz
Julian Diaz was Head of Marketing for Principa until 2017, after which he became Head of Marketing for Honeybee CRM. American born and raised, Julian has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. Having begun his career at a major software company in Germany, Julian made the move to South Africa in 1998 when he joined Dimension Data and later MWEB (leading South African ISP). Since then, Julian has helped launch various South African technology brands into international markets, including Principa.

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