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Welcom Digital And Principa Announce Partnership To Create End-To-End Credit Management Solutions

September 30, 2019 at 8:20 AM

Cape Town, South Africa – Welcom Digital, a UK company specialising in Loans management software, and Principa, a South African data analytics company, are delighted to announce a new strategic reseller partnership that includes the resale of Welcom Digital’s Award winning Loan Management product Financier™ to the South African market and reciprocally, Welcom Digital will market Principa’s specialised credit risk software solutions to the UK market.  

Jaco Rossouw, CEO of Principa comments “What is compelling about this deal is that Welcom Digital and Principa are so closely aligned in terms of technology and the vertical markets we serve”. He goes on to say, “Financier, Welcom Digital’s award winning loan management product fills a gap in Principa’s credit risk software solution in the SA and African market while for the UK market, Principa’s technology provides Welcom Digital with specialised and complimentary solutions such as originations, decisioning, collections and agent performance solutions that can integrate seamlessly with Financier”.

“This is Welcom Digital’s first partnership in Africa”, says Nigel Welch, CEO of Welcom Digital. “It’s much less daunting for us to partner with a business that not only understands the credit risk market but also has complementary technology assets and local skills that are imperative if we are to be successful. Combining our technology assets will provide a very comprehensive offering to both the UK and African clients in both the cloud and on premise”, says Nigel Welsh. Welcom believes that by working in partnership with Principa, the combined companies can jointly provide innovative digital solutions and expertise to enable a rapidly expanding South Africa a new wind that will have a huge impact on the continent’s economic development.

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About Principa: Principa Decisions (Pty) Ltd. work wonders with data science to serve over 150 companies in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Principa’s data science solutions help customers answer questions about the past and present to anticipate future outcomes. Our data scientists, developers and consultants work together to develop data analytics products and solutions that derive answers, predictions and recommended actions from large and complex data. The data insights derived provide the information and knowledge from which to develop more effective strategies, increase efficiency and profitability and decrease cost and risk.

Estee Schroeder,

About Welcom Digital: Welcom Digital is a leading provider of innovative flexible digital lending solutions for the UK's best-known brands. Our flagship software solution is our loan management platform, Financier™, an API driven eco-system that can be easily scaled exponentially.

As a company, we have a strong emphasis on governance, operational excellence and external recognition via PCI compliance and ISO27001 certification.

We are proud to have a team of exemplary and experienced people on board, helping to drive the success of the company through boundless enthusiasm and a passion for technology.

Peter Richmond, 

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